I love building things. These are a few of the projects I'm currently working on/have been building over the last several years. If you're interested in collaborating on something, shoot me an email!

  • 2020: Matchbox Video - the fastest way to create a slide deck from screenshots
  • 2020: Easy Mail Merge - free mail merge for Google Sheets and Excel Files
  • 2019: Splitcsv - easily split large csv files and datasets, right in your browser. Originally built because I'm not good at using python scripts to manipulate CSV files.
  • 2019: Easy Text to Speech - we were playing around with Google's Text to speech apis, and they're pretty good. This site enables you to quickly convert text to speech without having to write code.
  • 2017: SendOvernightMail - the easiest way to send FedEx online.
  • 2016: Faxrocket - send faxes online, no account or subscription required.
  • 2015: Mailform - fast, delightful print and mail for consumers and small businesses. We originally built it to play around with Lob's APIs and automate some print and mail we had for our last company. Now it's used by thousands of customers.